Monday, February 02, 2009

Speak and I will attentively listen :D

Today, was silly. with all this word may mean. the same annoying routine, I wish I can go to the college. I miss the study, my friends, the cafeteria that I visit every morning to drink some tea and eat biscuits with my friends!

I miss the road that every day we use it to go to college although it's full of check points, soldiers and police , I miss the professors, The college itself , even I miss the FPS standing in front of its gate  protecting it ! :D

when I feel depressed I wish I can find a place where no one can see me upset. I wish I can run far far away for not making my dear people get worried about me. that's why I don't talk to my friends recently coz when I feel that I'm bored I become sooo annoying girl :D . but if one of them calls me I will certainly, absolutely listen to them attentively and give them the appropriate advice:)
my finger is still pink or violet . I sometimes when I eat jam I eat it with the same index-finger in order to recycle my nationality and not to make it vaporize :D . that makes my mom laugh at me :D:D.

any way today Nana came to our house  , I listen to what she says always in order to have advantages from her interesting stories and advices :D. I see her like a self-made great woman who never lets the hard world get over her or defeat her insistence to live. 

tomorrow I'll study seriously and try to improve my English .. don't tell me, I know it's full of (that ) :D :D and I will read Koran Inshallah .
I have a problem, would you please help me, there is a contact appears online to me and I have NEVER added him/her. I even don't know who is he/she ??!!! 

Stay safe:)


  1. If you don't know who they are you should delete them there are all kinds of strange people out there. This is my best advice.

  2. Don't worry Violet, you will be back in school the meantime, enjoy the wonderful chance you have to be with your family and friends!

    Try to enjoy the small things, like the sun rising over the great city of Mosul. Drink more tea, too ;)

    I must add something though...if you feel depressed or upset, it is very important that you talk to someone about it. That's what frends are for, to help you in a time of need and comfort you :D

    Please stay safe, and enjoy your break.

  3. violet,
    you listen to much :D.
    If you do feel sad, just talk and talk and laugh, and many people will listen to you. It does help, and all i can say is enjoy your holiday before hard work begins!
    Have a wonderful holiday with your family,
    love from your friend,

  4. Hi, Violet,
    Are you still depress or digress ? Never mind, It is not kind of sickness or something.. It is part of our life circle.
    having mention that, It is good sometimes, to make you alert. Knowing that there is balance in life between the light and the darkness. Or between bad and good.
    However, think positive. Then you will be OK. Insyaallah.
    For your information, I included you in my links. So that I can visit your blog whenever I am free.
    I hope you don't mind,though.
    At least I have a link from Iraq. Or shall I say from the mystical and historical city of Mosul for that matter...cheer girl!!

  5. San Antonio Cicily ,
    Thank you for your advice, but the problem is i have never received any request to add her/him and I don't have him/her in my contacts. but whenever he/she is online the messenger tells me (x) is online - i don't remember what is it really-
    anyway i think it's matter of hacking :D
    thank you ,life without true friends is not life at all:)
    hhhh, yes I feel that I have huge patience to listen to anybody talks to me even if he/she is talking about something that doesn't interest me :D
    but believe me I can't simply talk and talk it's not my nature, I can't help it :D
    thanks for your comment :).
    Yes, I have noticed that you have added me , and I don't mind that :)

  6. Violet,
    "Yes, I have noticed that you have added me , and I don't mind that :)"
    Having mentioned the above, meaning you had visited my cray blog.Thanks for that.
    In this era of boarderless ICT, the choice is sharing information.
    My latest publication, is about Iraq, entitled "IRAQI WOMAN ADMITTED RECRUITING MORE THAN 80 FEMALE SUICIDE BOMBERS ".
    Nothing personal, it is just a news.

  7. hi violet, you are an incredibly smart sensitive person, i can tell.

    when you are sad or bummed out, don't forget to scroll down a few posts and read the words of wisdom you posted! here is something from the list to think about

    The path toward victory opens from where you stand.

    sometimes it doesn't seem like being depressed is an opening, but it can be for it is how we inform ourselves of our discontent, and then we can grow strong overcoming that which we perceive holding us back. mona lisa isn't blind. much is said about her (barely)smile, but i find her eyes much for fascinating and revealing. it looks like she can see right thru everyone including da vinci. this is the genius of the painting i think, that he was able to capture her looking right thru him, and now thru us the viewer. so never ignore what you know to be true, and don't get used to it!

    someday i hope iraq will tear down those walls.

  8. Annie
    I'm impressed with your view of seeing Monalisa!
    thnaks for commenting


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