Thursday, February 05, 2009

Out of the coverage area

I woke up today with miserable situation, the sinuses ( the allergy ) again and the same annoying headache.. several days ago I have seen dr. OZ on MBC 4 channel showing a method to treat sinuses. It was disgusting way, indeed but he said it works!  I'm not thinking of doing it anyway :D. I was not realizing where am I really !this morning , it's like there is someone was pushing firmly on the both sides of my head! My sister after seeing my terrible state gave me a capsule ! it's the blue-white capsule which I HATE !!! then I returned to the bed again and never woke up till 2 pm ! 
A couple of days ago , the morning also was horrible but with other way .. as always I don't wake up early , not for a reason believe me ! it's because of my room :D . I don't know when the morning begins in it!! it's so dark … no hope ! its position is against the sun … I'm not going to dwell ;I'll tell the story : I was awokened  by the voice of my little sister saying :" mama, mama, mama.." yes , she repeated that many times and her voice was trembling with fear. I then heard " mama, mama .. the soldiers are knocking our door !! " , mama was upstairs – I don't know what she was doing till now - .. (M)'s fear was reasonless , I don't know why she was crying like this ! the last time they searched our house .. they were friendly ! anyway my heart's beats accelerate also I don't know why either ! maybe it's the way I was awokened  by ! directly I wore my Hijab , hide  my mobile and laptop – earlier they had worn people to hide any mobile before any searching process- and then running so fast down stairs – I don't know If I descended the stairs step by step or simply jumped 14 steps at the same time !
 it wasn't searching anyway , hhhhhhhhh 
I have been out of the coverage area at the present time , don't know why ! it's like I'm on earth out of it ! I have no idea what's going out there in the world ! my life has been just A VERY ANNOYING ROUTINE!
I was thinking of closing my other blog but for the sake of a very dear friend to me – cheers to you my friend! :D –and for the sake of the comments there ;  I decided not to close it! Anyway it's just an  avocation  and my mood is not helping me to write anything  nowadays .. 


  1. Hope you get better. :D
    And you need time to relax, so sleep as long as you like. hhhhhhh

    I heard getting a jug of hot water and putting your head over it helps to improve your sinuses, so good luck!

    And I look forward to reading more poems on your blog...that you should NOT close!

    Lots of love,

  2. I agree Violet...keep your poetry blog!! It is great, haha. I think that you absolutely should continue it :)

    As for the soldiers, were they Iraqi or American?

  3. i hope you will be better, and back to what you are, We all got used to read your post and feel your spirit that gives us hope and smile..
    it is just a phaze that you are going through, don't let it bring you down, your are stronger than everything...

    take a rest, and smile, because life is realy short to spend it in sadness..

  4. god i cannot imagine what you must go thru w/this kind of fear situation now going on for so long. i would go completely insane i think. i am so so sorry, a million times over.

    about that sinus cure. i know of one disgusting method myself, i have only had to use once but it really worked like total magic. it involves hot saltwater. that is all i can write about it!

    don't stop blogging, i have just found you!



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