Friday, February 13, 2009

Hospitals In Iraq

I saw these photos(I have seen others on ) .. I Don't think they are hospitals, what about you?


  1. Hi Violet,
    those pics shows the bright side!
    they r not hospitals,beyond the lowest accepted level of the recommended requirements by i said before when a visitor comes to a hospital he'll be a patient!!!.
    poor people who cant afford to pay the extraordinary prices of the treatment in a non-government hospitals are the victims.
    great post several times i've tried to write a post abt this subject.

  2. Very sad and depressing things to see. People are always the victims whether due to negligence of the government or because of the people who destroy facilities. As long as you are from Mosul, will just mention you one example. Al-Salam Hospital (formerly Saddam), the government and CF repaired and equipped it several times but some people (I won't mention who because it might harm u and ur blog) destroyed it!!!

  3. HI Violet,
    How are you? I hope your are OK with your study? I pray everything is fine.Insyaallah.

    Simply looking and judging from the pictures you shown in your blog, it is very had to stipulate what and where they are. Sorry for that.
    However, I had to guesstimate what and where it is; purely based on my experience.

    For you further information, I had seen and shown some of the equivalences of in my blog. The photos I had shown, reflected a suffering of the people of Gaza . Namely the women and children.
    Indeed, to me it is beyond humanly comprehension, so to speak.

    As it is, the pictures you had shown in your blog is indicating an area with a very limited medical facilities.
    Otherwise the pictures reflected a treatment room in a prison, somewhere or some place in Iraq. Hopefully it is not in Mosul.

  4. Sad wallah very sad. Its obvios that the hispitals are not equiped with the best equipment and are in a very poor state. May Allah help iraq.
    Best wishes violet

    Thanks:).. this issue INDEED hurt my feelings, when i see some people can't afford the prices of medications etc.,
    In fact even non-government hospitals like Al-zahrawi here in Mosul,also doesn't have those WORTHY health facilites, it even doesn't have the appropriate cleanness!!!
    hospitals here are horrible, me ..myself once had fainted in one of them when i visited it !

    In matter of fact I'm not doing that good! but thanks anyway for asking
    no, they are hospitals not "treatment room in prison"!

    yes,VERY VERY sad!
    if they give the responsibility of mangement of hopitals to me i'll close some of them one after another gradually meanwhile; I Repair them .. clean them and then support them with the GOOD equipments!
    Best wishes to you,too:)
    Hope all that will END SOON!

  6. you are right even the non-government ones lack hygiene. i lived in a hospital for months and believe me we "the doctors" were cleaning it,many times the bad smell of the garbage was noticed along distance from it and to get rid of it they burn it in a garbage container at the hospital,check this
    it was taken by a blogger.

  7. violet,
    its very sad, and there is nothing we can do, apart from pray. Everytime i visit a hospital i fell like crying, because there is nothing there! not even water! many people always rush past me with bodies covered by white blankets, because so many people die, because the doctors have nothing to treat them with. But the good side, is if i work or volunteer in a hospital, we can try to make people smile, and try our best to treat them, like the doctors do know.

    Allah yesaadna,
    best wishes and take care!

  8. people make due. these do not look like a hospital but they look like people trying to help anywhere they can. bless iraq. bless all the people making due under these dire circumstances.

    they call this hospitals?!!
    I had times in a hospital here in Mosul, there was a room of nearly 5m*4m and there were about 80-90 persons were going to make a blood test!!!
    I was about to die there lol!( i couldn't breathe)

    it's VERY HARD to live in Iraq, and the harder thing is to survive and have the willing to reconstruct and re-bulit!
    we depend on God and he giudes us:)
    Take care:)

    God alone can help us to have the same will inorder to be patient, or as you say our morals and inter-being power can only make us survive:)
    I don't know if anyone outside Iraq can feel what i feel.. when you want to change for better and You just can't!!!

  10. annie,
    sorry I meant internal power. it was an odd idiom "inter being power" lol.
    and for your other comment I have ideas also,but i really don't have time at the moment

  11. The picture was taken in one of the big hospitals in Mosul!!!

  12. Soon Mosul will be better inshallah. How did these children get injured?

  13. This is very sad to look at, Violet. Iraq needs more good doctors!

    I am confident Iraq will find its way already has some of the bravest soldiers, police, and firefighters in the world :)

  14. B.D,
    يالسخرية القدر !
    By an explosion.. it's the main cause .and if they were injured by another cause ;all roads lead to Rome evantually..

    the doctors are good , very very good even some of them are better than American or German ones.. the problem is the equipments!

  15. BTW Anand, I don't think they were taken in Mosul..



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